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I believe that all babies should be born in a calm way no matter what path their birth journey has taken.

This involves women and their birth partners being confident during pregnancy, learning the skills to enable them to relaxed during the birth of their baby and the beginning of their lives as a new family.

It involves midwives being kind and compassionate in their support of women in their care. It also involves midwives learning the importance of caring for themselves too.

And for me, to do what I love & love what I do!

Jane Allen, midwife, hypnobirthing instructor & Rewind practitioner


Compassionate Hypnobirthing

A set of 5 birth preparation classes, 4 for birth and a final one looking at the Transition to Parenthood.


Rewind Technique

For the relief of feelings of trauma/stress/anxiety surrounding a traumatic birth experience.


Mindful Breastfeeding

Mindful Breastfeeding is either taught as the final class of the Hypnobirthing or as a stand alone session for couples who are interested in breastfeeding their baby. 

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