Compassionate Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing Classes

Classes are for pregnant women and their chosen birth partner.

 I see you as a birth team supporting each other together!

These classes run over 6 consecutive weeks 

usually a Tuesday evening 7-9pm

 at The Quarry Chapel, Cam, GL11 6JB

Classes focus on being compassionate with yourself, your partner & your baby and consist of:

  1. How hypnobirthing works
  2. Labour and Bubble breathing 
  3. Signs of labour starting & fear release
  4. Birth planning, breathing your baby down, birth & the first hour
  5. Transition to Parenthood - a totally unique session looking at positively adjusting to life with a new baby.
  6. Mindful Breastfeeding - a session you won't find anywhere else locally, aimed at making breastfeeding a calm and positive experience.

Each class is accompanied by PDF files/printouts and MP3s, along with links to useful video material and other resources.

The class numbers are kept small to keep them friendly!

Unlike the traditional hypnobithing classes that only consist of 4 sessions around birth, these are a set of 6 classes, looking at birth and beyond.

4 classes devoted to birth followed by a totally unique class looking at the transition to parenthood following birth and a final Mindful Breastfeeding session